NSW State Championships 2019

Congratulations to all our dancers who competed at the State Championships last week. Amazing dancing from everyone and a fabulous state weekend with amazing results! Special congratulations our three state champions Ailie, Kyra and Sarah. Congratulations to all.


Ailie Russell - 15 years girls Champion

Kyra Atherton - 17 years ladies Champion

Sarah Robinson - 20 & 21 years ladies Champion Imogen Ryan - 2nd in the 14 years girls

Siobhan Lo - 3rd in the 18 years ladies Isaac Rao - 4th in the 11 years boys Poppy Stirrat - 5th in the 10 years girls Ella Kennedy - 5th in the 12 years girls

Lauren Hurst - 5th in the 22 years and over ladies

Maddie Osborne - 6th in the 17 years ladies

Nicole Robinson - 22 years and over 6th Jenna Murphy - 7th in the 12 years girls

Destiny Juul - 7th in the 11 years girls

Sophie Dart - 10th in the 14 years girls Emily Guerrera - 11th in the 12 years girls Yarra Jackson - 12th in the 11 years girls

4 hand team - Lauren, Siobhan, Nicole and Sarah 4th place

Congratulations everyone, bring on nationals!


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Photo Credits to (c)Milton Baar - thank you for some amazing photos

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