State & National Champion videos

Our 2020 NSW State Champions

9 year Boys Champion - Billy Kemp

12 years Boys Champion - Isaaq Rao

16 years Girls Champion - Ailie Russell

Video credits to Anh Pham Facebook 

Our 2017 National Champion

19 years Ladies  - Sarah Robinson

Video credits to Anh Pham Youtube

Our 2015 National Champion 

14 years Girls - Siobhan Lo

Video credits to Feis Social Youtube 

Our 2019 National Champions

15 years Girls Champion - Ailie Russell

17 years Girls Champion - Kyra Atherton

Video credits to Anh Pham Youtube

Our 2016 National Champion

14 years Boys - Elliot Sutton

Video credits to Feis Social Youtube

Our 2013 National Champions

8 years Girls Champion - Imogen Ryan

12 years Girls Champion - Siobhan Lo

Video credit to AIDAInc Youtube

World Championships

Check out this article about our 2016

World Championship dancers. Article from the Manly Daily.


Photo Credits to (c)Milton Baar, MediaImages, winkipop Media & Adam Ward

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